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Seriously this entire episode was one long takedown of colorblind racism. The premise was that the company’s systems were, due to a bad upgrade, rendered unable to see black people and left them all trapped in dark rooms because the light sensors and automatic doors didn’t recognize that they existed. There was a scene where the black employees try to protest this system and get it replaced with a more equal one and they can’t even get an audience with the people in power without a white person joining their cause because if they set foot on an elevator without a white person, it just shuts down and leaves them trapped. At one point, the company actually tries to say that the system isn’t racist because it doesn’t target black people, it just helps everyone but black people. The company refuses to replace the system. They try to “fix” it by sending in white saviors interns to activate doors and elevators for black employees who can’t do it themselves, instead of just getting rid of the system that keeps black employees from activating doors and elevators by themselves. They also try to “fix” the very racist system by installing separate, manual water fountains for black employees. In the end, the (white) corporate bigwigs do get rid of the racist system, only because it wasn’t financially viable, and tried to pass it off as a great blow for equality in the workplace, even though they’re the ones who installed the system to begin with.